Pair of Jailhouse Multi-Color LED Glow Sock Poi

Pair of Jailhouse Multi-Color LED Glow Sock Poi

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Your benefits

  • All the benefits of our LED glow poi with the added bonus of a striped UV light sensitive sock!
  • Foxy fabric POI socks provides a slippery stretch that is great for wraps, orbitals and isolations.
  • Blow away your friends with the amazing and hypnotic effects possible.
  • Soft PVC construction of LED glow ball is gentle on your body when you mess up a move.
  • LED glow balls are tough and hard wearing to give a long lifetime product.
  • Free nylon Poi bag and spare batteries included.

Wrap the soft tails around your hands and go spinning.
Each set comes with a pair of colour changing LED glow balls.
Use the side opening in the sock to insert colour changing balls.

'Rainbow' features a slow colour fading transition from one colour to the next in sequence.
'RGB Strobe' features a faster than the eye can see transition from Red, to Green, then Blue so that when they are spun, it makes arcs of 3 different colours.

Comes with batteries included, plus spare batteries.

If you are having some difficulty learning wraps and hyper loops then give these a try!

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