Pair of Empty Foxy Socks (Deep Blue)

Pair of Empty Foxy Socks (Deep Blue)

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Made with a super smooth high-grade nylon spandex to slide off the body with ease. Spandex allows a helpful buffer and spring effect for easier hyperloops, wraps and other similar moves.

Side opening easily allows inserting with your own tennis ball, hacky sack or LED product to get them just how you like it.

Buy with confidence - tens of thousands sold to happy customers.

If you are having some difficulty learning wraps or hyperloops then give these a try!
A side opening allows any similar sized tennis ball or glow product to be inserted as well as glowsticks and LED light sticks.
White and green socks show up lighted products best. White, green and pink socks also glow under UV light.
Wrap the soft tails around the hands and go spinning.

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