Printer\'s Demon

Printer's Demon

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Printer's Demon by Phil Goldstein
Not just a trick, but a world of Possibilities! Four routines are packed in this one little package: #1- Show three cards, Blank on both sides. One of the blanks prints a back, and then a face, to match a selected card. #2- A signed selected card is sealed in an envelope, which is held by a spectator. It changes places with a blank card that is held in your hands. #3- Three cards are shown, front and back. The Spectator has a completely free choice of any one of the three. That card turns into a blank, and it is reproduced from your pocket. #4- A selected card changes the color of its back from blue to red. The color of its face changes into reverse printing! This illustrated manuscript comes complete with the needed gimmicked cards (printed by U.S.P.C. in Bicycle back poker), plus full descriptions of all four routines by Phil himself. Many other effects are possible with Printer's Demon! HSM Comments: 20 minutes after I opened the package I had the "Printer's Demon" routine down pat. I even had to learn the moves as they were all new to me. My first run was with my hardest audience, my family. I kid you not, jaws were dropping! This is a killer routine includes all the gaffed cards necessary. On a scale of 1-10 I'd rate the trick a 6 in difficulty to learn. In overall effect I rate it a 10 for "jaw's a dropping!"

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