Phsycic Colour Sticks

Phsycic Colour Sticks

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You display 5 colored rods and a small metal tube with a lid. The metal tube is held in the left hand. Turning your body and head away from the tube you request that a spectator select one of the colored sticks and place it in the tube. They are then asked to place the lid on the tube.  They are also asked to HIDE the remaining sticks in a pocket or purse, etc. You turn back around.  Concentrate for a moment and then HAND THE TUBE TO THE SPECTATOR TO HOLD.  You stare at them and concentrate.  Suddenly you tell them that the color they selected was ….. Well, whatever the color was that they selected!!!
         The Psychic Color Sticks is a wonderful newly crafted ‘old’ Mind Reading effect that has been unavailable for many years. The method is easy and fun to do and the effect is quite startling and mysterious. The Psychic Color Sticks come in a padded black presentation box...
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