Vectra X2 Stage Line

Vectra X2 Stage Line

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Incredibly strong yet remarkably hard to detect, Vectra X2 Stage Line is some of the most usefull thread you'll ever own.  Don't be fooled by the name.  Even if you've never set foot on a stage you're bound to find a use for this amazing and versatile thread!

X2 is a very strong, dead black monofilament that goes completely invisible from just a few feet away under proper conditions.  Twice as strong as the original Vectra Line, Vectra X2 is the best choice when you need something even stronger but still highly invisible.

On stage, it's a DREAM.  It's strong enough to lift large objects like floating balls, magic wands, soda cans, you name it.  It's also strong enough to do other things like slam doors, make things move and knock over heavy objects.  

But it's INVISIBLE enough to use just a few feet from your audience... and WITHOUT A BACKDROP!

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