Fearson\'s Fantastic Floatation

Fearson's Fantastic Floatation

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Discover what thousands of professionals already know..

Fearson's Fantastic Floatation is the only way to fly. The original self levitation illusion is back, and it's still the best.

Here's a brief description of this fabulous effect: Anytime during your act, you remove your jacket and suddenly you begin to float freely above it with your entire body in view! This is the self levitation you've been looking for!

You float up and down and then walk away!

Stage or close-up!

Indoors or out!

No bulky props

No curtains!

No heavy gimmicks!

and no weight limits!

Steve took first at both the IBM and SAM contests and featured this illusion in his special for Japanese TV. It's also been performed by The Amazing Johnathan on national TV in the USA!

Any ordinary jacket or cloth can be used. You will receive a kit which includes necessary parts to assemble your gimmick, instructions and performance rights. You will also need two matching pairs of pants to complete the construction, which does not require any unusual tools or mechanical ability. The completed gimmick is lightweight and portable.



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