Bottled Spirits by G Sparks

Bottled Spirits by G Sparks

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EFFECT: A Performer displays a glass and a 50 ml bottle asking the audience if they have ever heard of spirits in a bottle. The performer then removes the lid and gives a short pour into the glass. But nothing is seen to come out. The performer then picks up the glass saying these are not the spirits of alcohol but the spirits of money. At that very moment a half dollar drops into the glass. The performer then repeats the above actions two more times and now there are three coins in the glass! Now in order to make it easier for the audience to see the money, spirits come out of the bottle! The performer then turns it over and gives it a couple of shakes. As this happens two more coins come out of the bottle. This close-up Misers Dream is one of the greatest self contained coin effects of all time! Imagine being able to perform the Misers Dream at any time with nothing in your hands except this small bottle. A Wonderful Utility prop for any coin worker. Comes with the Bottle that does most of the work. Use any glass.

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