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Burning Up DVD By Nathan Kranzo

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Impressionable Mind Board
by James Biss

For decades mentalists have been seeking the perfect "impression" device to secretly obtain information such as drawings, words, etc. Clever magical inventors have come up with all manner of gizmos and clipboards to achieve this "Holy Grail" of Mentalism. Up until recently, however, the goals of REAL TIME, ON STAGE, WITHOUT ASSISTANCE, and in LOW LIGHTING conditions have never been realized - or available for purchase.

Now, from the creative mind of the Extremely Mental: James Biss comes a new approach to the most pure form of clairvoyance... design duplication! This is a brand new, real time, impression device (not a "clipboard") and it comes complete with a ten minute design duplication routine that's both entertaining and mind boggling! It uses a magnetophoretic display panel technology with a few nice subtleties to make it a terrific edition to your arsenal of mind reading magic. There are NO real lighting constraints, and there are no magnetic clean-up issues as with other approaches on the market. You can clearly see what they've drawn or written - even in the kind of limited lighting that most working performers have to deal with. You can easily reset the board right on stage!

The props are innocent looking and the actual "board" itself is essentially "invisible" throughout the multi-phase routine, lost among the standard 8 1/2" x 11" card stock used in the routine.

The IMPRESSIONABLE MIND BOARD comes complete with 11 pages of very detailed instructions and script ideas, consistent with the standard established by other works of James Biss. These directions will allow you to perform a complete ten minute three phased routine at your next appropriate gig - direct from his own stage shows.

In the first phase of the routine which comes in the package, called PSYCHO WARM-UP, a third of the audience clairvoyantly draws the simple images that you're thinking of and drawing on the board. In the second phase, IMPRESSIONABLE MINDS, a freely selected member of the audience draws a more complex picture with their back to you - which duplicates the one that you're "transmitting". You then reveal your drawing before they do. In the final phase, DEJA VIEWED, you draw a different image that a different spectator is challenging you with. The image exists only in their mind. They draw after you've committed your impression to paper.

There's never been a remote viewing routine like this!

Leave your clipboards and folders at home. Start making your best impression at your next show with this breakthrough routine that's Extremely Mental, delightfully entertaining... and surprisingly affordable!

Board Dimensions: Approximately 12" x 9 1/2" (30cm x 24cm)
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