ProAiir Dips - Lipstick Red

ProAiir Dips - Lipstick Red

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Dip and go; DIPS holds up under extreme conditions including rain, waterparks and hot sweaty days becuase it's waterproof and smudge proof.  This powerful formula cleans off with liquid soap, followed by water. If brushes or sponges become dry, simply reactivate with another squirt of makeup. Watch the video for tips on application. As a reference one bottle can do between 120-140 spiderman designs ( detail line work only). DIPS is a concentrated hybrid formula made for line work only. Apply over cake makeup or powders or directly onto skin. Designs with DIPS will far outlast traditional cake makeup but are NOT permanent. DIPS dissolves over time naturally and can be removed with LIQUID SOAP - Not water.

Application Tips:
- Shake bottle well and burp the cap before use (white requires extra shaking, you can hear the liquid become thicker as you shake it)
- Load brush straight from the bottle or pour a small amount on a pallet. 
- If poured onto a pallet, mist with alcohol to achieve desired consistency. 
- Use specific brushes for specific colors.  Blend DIPS colors on plastic pallet to create different colors. 
- Should DIPS thicken or dry due to extreme heat, reactivate by misting with alcohol or add ProAiir Hybrid Makeup. 
- Keep covered when not in use, will dry out.  Again, reactive with alcohol mister.   Working area is always sanitized.  


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