Secrets Revealed Coin in a Bottle DVD

Secrets Revealed Coin in a Bottle DVD

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So many tricks with just one gimmicked coin!

The Folding Coin is an ingenious trick coin that has so many possible routines. This DVD will give you clear instructions on the best way to handle your coin, as well as terrific routines and ideas for using it.

You may have basic instructions for the Coin In Bottle trick, but here are the secrets to MORE tricks you can do with your Folding Coin, including passing a coin through a table, taking a bite out of a coin and instantly restoring it, making your coin vanish and reappear in an unusual way, and much more.

And yes, these SAME SECRETS work equally well with a Bite Out Coin, if that's what you have!

Folding Coin (or Bite Out Coin) is needed to do the tricks on this DVD. 

What you'll get:
  • Coin In Bottle Secrets Revealed DVD
You need your own Folding Coin or Bite Out Coin.


Contents of the DVD:
  • Classic Coin in Bottle
  • Classic Coin in Bottle Variations
  • MAX Faction
  • Passing Thru
  • Trapdoor Table
  • Coin in Cap
  • Coin Mint
  • Coin Vanish/Production
  • Amazing Ring Penetration
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