Card Collective by Paul Godon

Card Collective by Paul Godon

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52 exciting card tricks, 100 photos and 185 jam-packed pages! Full-color cover and strong perfect binding. This is a GREAT-LOOKING book; bettered only by the STARTLING contents! All the effects are strong; mostly of different themes.

"Card Collective" contains 41 NEW Card Tricks and 11 updated, altered, corrected and otherwise enhanced effects from Paul Gordon's last three out-of-print booklets. So, if you liked "Cardistry "- you'll LOVE "Card Collective."

From NICK TROST: "I like Card Collective very much. The reprinted material is tops and the 'Strike A Match' items are very good!"

Foreword by the great Aldo Colombini.

CONTENTS: Gondorff Returns, Push Button Lift, Synchronicity # 3, Fairly Impossible Location, Miracle Ace Spell, Pretty Impossible Location, Eye-Popper, This, That and The Other, Australian Aces, How About This, Blackjack & Poker, Sizzle-Spell Location, Sneaky Lie Detector, Play Your Cards Right, Computer Virus, Double Waikiki, The Ipcress Secret, Between Two Friends, Three Mates Of Mine, Two Surprises For Two, Aces On Speed, Lesser Than That, A Quaint Notion, Wedded Bliss, Penelope's Estimation Plus, Plain Penelope, Ace Cut - Selection, Royal Flush Nine-Hand Poker Deal, Strike More Than A Match, Strike More Than A Match # 2, Nine-Card Problem For Two, Nine-Card Problem For Three, Prelude To The Nine-Card Problem, Final Nine-Card Thoughts, The GAP Principle, The Amazing Four-Card Trick, Muldoon Match, Fry Them With Oil & Water, Laymen Assembly, Thoughts On The Clock Trick, Caused Effect, Peter's Foursome, Stud!, Duffiecrosgord, Dazzler Strikes Back, Unusual Method Oil & Water, Your Card Is Right Here, We Have Lift Off!, Hof-Toss, A Load of Old Blarney, Powerhouse # 2 & Gotcha!

Pages 185 - Softbound

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