Single Acrylic SStaff

Single Acrylic SStaff

  • - Model: HOP9890

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  • Strong pivoting Neodymium Magnets keep everything together.
  • Configurable to create many shape illusions.
  • Unique spinning hole makes spinning easier.

Instruction: How to assemble unpack Acrylic S Staff

Because the magnets are so strong each magnet comes with a lid or metal disc to fully enclose and contain the strong pulling forces during transport.
The only way to remove these is to slide the lid/disc to one side until it is away from the magnet.

Warning: All Neo magnets should be handled with care.
They can easily pinch skin if caught between lid and magnet.
Also, keep them a safe distance from any electronic memory devices such as credit cards, memory sticks, cassette tapes, SD cards, etc, i.e.
a distance where the field has faded to negligible.
We suggest keeping the lids for encasing the magnetic fields.

Although quite robust, like acrylic balls, these too should not be dropped heavily onto very hard surfaces or sharp edges as chipping and cracking could occur.


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