Ultimate Contact Juggling by Greg Shibley

Ultimate Contact Juggling by Greg Shibley

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On the sandy beaches of San Diego, Greg Shibley stumbled upon an ancient vagrant manipulating spheres in a way he had never seen. From that night on, he studied the art, practiced it, and refined it into his own unique style. Greg's calling was to become a contact juggler; now it can be yours as well. 

Magic Geek Inc. is proud to present the most thorough introduction to contact juggling ever assembled. 

DVD Includes:

  • Cradle Position
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Butterfly
  • Arm Rolls
  • Transfers
  • Stalls
  • Body Work
  • Throws
  • Isolation
  • and Combinations

Each section features four different ways to learn: in-studio explanations, slow-motion examples, visual diagrams, and real-world demonstrations. 

This DVD builds confidence in beginners, getting them revved up to push their boundaries. Intermediate players will enjoy the extreme collection of tricks and easy-to-follow breakdowns. 

Running Time Approximately: 42mins


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